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At YouFind, we are both digital marketing experts and business consultants because we know that digital marketing needs to be part of a broader strategy to drive growth and success.

Powered by billions of omni-channel big data, as a SEO Consultant Singapore, we can compare your digital marketing performance with your competitors, giving you an accurate picture of where you stand, your strengths, and where you can improve.

Our Consultancy Approach consists of 3 key stages, we call them "Health check", "Navigate to Success" and "Call for Results".

Health Check

During Health Check, we will carry out Digital Audits, where we will understand your current digital performance, customer journeys, gaps, and potential opportunities. This is an extensive research process that examines your competitors, audiences messages, platform opportunities, budgets, timelines, conversion journeys, and key measures of success.

Knowing Your Competitors,
Knowing Yourself

What You Will Get:

Brand Positioning, Competitor & Industry Audits

Understand your brand positioning, demand, and potential in comparison to your competitors and industry standard. These audits will look into brand visibility, demand and trends in both search and social media.

Which keywords are people searching for when they want to find your brand?

How many people are talking about your brand verious your competitors' brands ?

Brand Sentiment & Reputation Audits

Hear what customers are saying about your brand, whether it's positive or negative, and how it compares to your competitors and other industry leaders.

These audits will look into brand perception, brand auto pop-up and related search, source of social mentions, online sentiments and more.

Are people out there saying good things about your brand, or not so good things?

What is your brand related Search Engine Auto pop-ups
telling you about your brand sentiment?

Customer Journey & Growth Opportunity Audits

Decode your customers' online behavior and product demand insights, understand competitor and general industry performance, activities, and trends, and identify gaps and growth opportunities.

These audits will look into online demand for vour products, consumer search behavior. search engine visibility of your brand and your competitors' sources of online traffc and revenue and more.


How much demand is there for your products versus your competitors'products?

Total Search Volume


Past 12 Months

Which are the top online revenus sources for your competitors?

Traffic Revenue Sources in Your Industry

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Artboard 24
Navigate to Success
Call for Results

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