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Tue November 29, 2022




FTLife is a leading provider of personal insurance products such as life insurance and medical insurance and has been a wholly owned subsidiary of NWS Holdings Limited since 2019. The company aspires to go one step further to establish and strengthen long-term relationships with their diverse range of professional life planning solutions.

The personal insurance industry is very competitive in Hong Kong, with aggressive players such as AlA, AXA, and Bupa. Under intense competition, FTLife wants to expand its market share by emphasizing its unique competitive advantages over its competition. After hearing about YouFind’s solid reputation in the insurance and financial services sectors, FTLife came to us with some specific goals, including increased website leads and Facebook exposure.

FTLife’s website is a lead generation machine for their 1,000 + agency staff. It contains rich content designed to drive visitors to leave their contact details. Once a website visitor converts to a lead, the company will then distribute these leads to their agency colleague for follow up. Due to the complexity and compliance requirements when selling life insurance, in most cases, these agencies will need to have an online or face-to-face meeting before a sale can be completed. FTLife wants to increase their website traffic and drive conversions by enhancing search engine visibility when searching for both FTLife brand-related keywords and general insurance products. SEO will need to play a part here.

The company also has an active marketing campaign runway in place and frequently conducts limited-time, offer based campaigns, e.g., sign up before a certain date and get a discount on your premium. FTLife also wants to elevate the exposure and penetration of these campaigns, and our recommendation is that we can use SEM.

The third request from FTLife is to increase their brand exposure on Facebook; they want to increase their fan base as well as fan engagements.


Increase website traffic and lead conversions

Elevate the exposure and penetration of short term, offer-based campaigns

lncrease brand exposure on Facebook

Our Strategy

The search engine war in the insurance industry is intense. Insurance players are intensely competing for insurance product related keywords such as ‘自願性醫保’ and ‘儲蓄保險回報’: To help FTLife grow in this competitive environment, we first carefully investigated the search demand for a large number of related keywords. We analyzed what the top keywords are that are driving traffic to FTLife’s website and competitors’ sites, as well as generated insights from various other internal and external sources that can influence the company’s SEO performance.

To elevate brand exposure on Facebook, we also conducted detailed audits to understand FTLife’s social positioning, demand, and potential in comparison to competitors. We looked for answers to questions such as “how many people are talking about FTLife on Facebook in comparison to other insurance companies?”

Coming out of this “research” phase, we were well armed with insights and were able to make recommendations to help FTLife’s search and social media marketing performance. It didn’t take long for us to align with recommendations, specific KPls and ways of working were also set and agreed with the client.

Work to improve FTLife’s search engine visibility officially began. On the SEO front, we created keyword phrases based on target keywords identified and then helped FTLife build clear and relevant content, which Google always likes. We also regularly updated metadata, site structure, and linkage to improve search engine crawl and index abilities.

We also helped FTLife’s promote various ad hoc, offer-based campaigns using SEM. Clicks and conversions were optimized through customized strategies and analytics. We also used tools such as SEMrush, which helped captivate our target audience.

On the Facebook side, we took over the management of FTLife’s Facebook account and were also responsible for Facebook ad placements. The focus is to promote FTLife’s brand, drive engagements, and create resonance with our fans using a story telling approach.

The Results – SEO

lncreased website ranking on

Google and Yahoo by 124%

lncreased organic traffic by

30K new visitors

The Results – SEM

Clicks increased from

1,000 to 7,000+

Cost-per-click decreased from

HKD5.00 to HKD3.00

lmpressions increased from

>30,000 to 80,000+

Clickthrough Rate increased from

>3% to 8%+

The Results – Facebook


>1,200+ new fans

Average Facebook reach per

month reached >62K

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