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Lingnan U

Wed November 30, 2022

Lingnan U

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【成為 #嶺大人 的你,為何而搏?】

【成為 #嶺大人 的你,為何而搏?】


嶺大最新四大專修及學科組別課程 (高年級入學):
– 社會科學(榮譽)學士的心理學主修(輔導心理學專修)
– 工商管理(榮譽)學士的電子商務學科組別
– 社會科學(榮譽)學士的健康及社會服務管理
– 社會科學(榮譽)學士的國際經濟與政治學科組別

[#Lingnanians! What are you striving for?]
There’s a saying, “Leave no stone unturned”. What make you fight for the hardest? And why did you work so hard to get into the university?

For students who try to get into degree programmes from Asso/HD, Lingnan University offers 4 new streams and concentrations for you to choose, please click here to learn more:

Lingnan University New Streams and Concentrations for senior year admission:
– Discipline Major in Psychology with Counselling Psychology Concentration for BSocSc (Hons)
– e-Business Stream for BBA (Hons)
– Health and Social Services Management Stream for BSocSc (Hons)
– International Economy and Politics Stream for BSocSc (Hons)

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