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Air China | Facebook | Photo 【旅行必備乜乜乜】 【旅行必備乜乜乜】唔知有冇人同小編一樣,去旅行一定要帶埋每日陪住自己嘅公仔?有調查發現,原來唔同國家嘅人會放唔同嘅「必備物品」入喼,例如有60%香港人表示必帶紙巾、俄羅斯人必帶啤牌、法國人必備芝士!唔知大家又有咩係必備嘅呢?#AirChina #旅行必備 [Must bring items for travel]What’s your must bring items for travelling? There are 60% Hong Kong people will have tissue paper while Russians will put poker and French will bring cheese in their travel luggage. How about you? LINK:


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